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BASF has built a tentative house in 2001 that generates the minimal necessary electricity for heating from its solar cells. An other method can help the minimalization of heating costs in old houses.

This sentence was a dream cathegory in 2001 in Hungary. But what is now, in 2013?

We have a good news, this is not a dream now, moreover, thanks to the progression it is available for anyone, not to say that it has especially beneficial value for money. We have built a house last year that proved in winter that it is really a passive-premium house. The house had 3m3 gas consumption per day only in the coldest days also, that is really an excellent result!

You can find more information about our passive houses HERE.

As we have been still working on the possible improvements, developments, we wanted to know that how could this energy house be better. We finded out that there is nothing to change on the area of insulation, doors and windows, condensation technologies as these are the best applied solutions in our passive-premium houses. Finally, we have found a new opportunity, that can be applied exceedingly in our lightweight houses, furthermore, its pay-back time is in the foreseeable future (6-10 years).

We have built a number of houses where we solved winter heating by electric power (NOBO panels or Caleo floor heating). According to the tenants' experiences that were really convincing, there were no high electricity bills and the feeling of comfort was perfect. This gave us the idea to find out the opportunities of solar systems in Hungary.

Solar systems have been 30-40 perc cent cheeper last year. This means that e.g. a 4,5kw system back and forth solar cell with medium meter installed was HUF 2,2Million. Such a system is able to generate 5000Kw power in one year which is enough for the power handling capability input of a 100m2 A+ house for the whole year.

If we start counting:

- we are not connected to the gas,

- we have not make designed, assembled,

- we have not bought gas furnace, radiator or floorheating.

Payback time can be quickly shorten.

We are going to build our first house soon, of which we set the power-handling capability input as zero.

Hungarian power companies must take over the generated power by law that can be compensated on our bills in winter season. Therefore, we can use the power overgenerated in summar by electric heating equipments.

The price of a m2 of a 100m2 house will not be more than HUF 200,000 so there is no need to pay for anything for the running expenses of that house.