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PostHeaderIcon Technical specification of a normal wall construction

Our turnkey lightweight houses have the following technical parameters in normal design. Naturally, you can realize your own ideas, we fall into line with your ideas within technical oppurtinities and rules. There is also an opportunity to stop the construction at any level according to customer's request. However, it is worth to know that it should be a complete construction. Timber to be built into the building is spruce dried and treated with flame retardants and fungicides (Tetol FB).
The full in-built timber is statically dimensioned, suitable for downturn, buckling and harness.

U=0.21-0.18 W/m2K on wall (max 0.45 is permitted)
U=0.18 W/m2K on joist (max 0.40 is permitted)

(Given rates are consistent with MSZ. 04-140-2.)

Order of layer of a normal wall structure


40cm wide, 90 cm deep C12-16/kk type concrete strip foundation is made below ground level
2 lines of brick shuttering footing above ground level in 25cm wide, 40cm high, cemented with C12 concrete
8cm thick installation of concrete by placing 20x20/4.2cm reinforcing steel.
In case other grounding technology will be necessary due to land endowments, additional costs shall be payable by the customer.

Outside walls

Prepared in large panel system of 4.5x14.5cm vertical pitch of wooden beam
placed on 62.5cm wheelbase
Below and above closing systems and at the end of beams, a 4.5x14.5cm horizontal bracing is prepared
Outside covering of the wall is a 12mm thick OSB cladding.
A 10cm thick glass wool is placed in the wall.
A vapor barrier is placed onto the inner side of the thermal insulation and covered by a 2 layers of1.25 drywall.

Inside walls

In case of an inner weight-carrying wall a 4,5x10,5cm vertical pitch of wooden beam placed on 62.5cm wheelbase.
There is a 5cm thick sound and heat insulation placed into interwalls.
Both sides of walls are covered by one layer of plasterboard that is followed by plastering and painting.
Waterproof impregnated plasterboard is built in bathrooms.

Ceiling, roof

In case of shingle roof a 5x15cm, in case of tiled roof also a 5x15cm cross-section ceiling beams are prepared, prefabricated in truss-girder system.
A 15cm thick glass-wool is placed in ceiling.
We place vapour proof foils on bottom side of insulation and we fix it with one layer of 1.25cm plasterboard on wooden frame. Plasterboard surface get a dispersion paint after plastering.
In case of tiled roof vapour proof foils are placed on wooden frame, which is fixed by counter wooden frame.
In case of shingle roof we place wooden frame on rafter then one layer of OSB facing. Underlay foil and shingle covering are placed above it.
Matter of tiles are MEDITERRÁN, Bramac, Tondach etc. tile or IKO bitumen shingle roof. These types are in basic colours. Naturally, there is an opportunity to choose other roof covering materials.
Gutters and tinning are prepared of traditional zinc-plated or powder coated aluminium.
We ensure insulation against soil moisture by one layer of VILLAS GV-03 type bituminous naked panel.

Indoor flooring

There is vapour proof foil placed on 5cm thick (10cm on half price) AUSTROTHERM AT - N100 walk-on insulation, then 8cm base concrete.
Under floorings we use self spreading base evener on demand.
Tiles are priced on HUF 3,000/m2. In case customer chooses cheaper tile, we pay back margin. Implicitly, higher price means additional costs.
MUREXIN materials such as glues, pointer, liquid foil, insulation and placing tiles are ensured by us.
You can use laminated floor or carpet as hot flooring.

Shut-off devices

Plastic or wooden shut-off devices will be build in. Wooden shut-off devices are 10% higher in prices. Shut-off devices are prepared with insulated glazing.
Indoor shut-off devices made of pine.

Painting, coating

Priming of indoor paintwork is made of 3 layers of gypsum plastering for painting by setting in necessary joint strengthener.
Interior painting is made by laying of 2 layers of distemper in the light colour choosen by the customer.
We strenghten a minimum of 5cm thick (10-12cm with overcharge) AUSTROTHERM AT-L type heat insulating board on exterior wall glued or srewed. Over it a bonding gypsum plastering is prepared concealed into a Dryvit glasscloth net.
The layer of noble plaster is made of 2,5mm roll grain thin plaster in the light colour choosen by the customer.
The base get a rasin based noble plaster following overcasting. In case floor has a 10cm thick thermal insulation, the base must be also insulated.

Mechanical engineering

UNIPIPE plumbing and heating systems are installed.
A 24kw condensing turbo combi boiler is installed (Thermomax). A turbo aluminium industrial chimney is included with the boiler. We build a Schiedel Uni type chimney for fireplace. We offer floor heating or KERMI type heat exchanger for heat rejection. Floor heating is recommended in any case for condensing technics and is more economical.
Gas line installation from gas-meter to the building is prepared by KPE plastic tubes below ground. Above ground and inside the building we prepare copper tube installation.
Sanitery equipments of bathroom and the toilet are ensured by the customer (bath,lavabo, shower tray, siphon trap and its faucet)