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Ezeken az oldalakon a Készház Építő Kft. könnyűszerkezetes házépítési technológiájával ismerkedhet meg. Megtalálhatja itt aktuális rétegrendeinket, műszaki tartalmakat, ill képekkel illusztrált áttekintést kaphat az építkezés menetéről.

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BASF has built a tentative house in 2001 that generates the minimal necessary electricity for heating from its solar cells. An other method can help the minimalization of heating costs in old houses.

This sentence was a dream cathegory in 2001 in Hungary. But what is now, in 2013?

We have a good news, this is not a dream now, moreover, thanks to the progression it is available for anyone, not to say that it has especially beneficial value for money. We have built a house last year that proved in winter that it is really a passive-premium house. The house had 3m3 gas consumption per day only in the coldest days also, that is really an excellent result!

You can find more information about our passive houses HERE.

As we have been still working on the possible improvements, developments, we wanted to know that how could this energy house be better. We finded out that there is nothing to change on the area of insulation, doors and windows, condensation technologies as these are the best applied solutions in our passive-premium houses. Finally, we have found a new opportunity, that can be applied exceedingly in our lightweight houses, furthermore, its pay-back time is in the foreseeable future (6-10 years).

We have built a number of houses where we solved winter heating by electric power (NOBO panels or Caleo floor heating). According to the tenants' experiences that were really convincing, there were no high electricity bills and the feeling of comfort was perfect. This gave us the idea to find out the opportunities of solar systems in Hungary.

Solar systems have been 30-40 perc cent cheeper last year. This means that e.g. a 4,5kw system back and forth solar cell with medium meter installed was HUF 2,2Million. Such a system is able to generate 5000Kw power in one year which is enough for the power handling capability input of a 100m2 A+ house for the whole year.

If we start counting:

- we are not connected to the gas,

- we have not make designed, assembled,

- we have not bought gas furnace, radiator or floorheating.

Payback time can be quickly shorten.

We are going to build our first house soon, of which we set the power-handling capability input as zero.

Hungarian power companies must take over the generated power by law that can be compensated on our bills in winter season. Therefore, we can use the power overgenerated in summar by electric heating equipments.

The price of a m2 of a 100m2 house will not be more than HUF 200,000 so there is no need to pay for anything for the running expenses of that house.


PostHeaderIcon Prémium passzív falszerkezet

Prémium Passzív készház falszerkezetKiemelkedően energiatakarékos új rétegrend kedvező áron! Készház Építő Kft. a 2010-es évtől PRÉMIUM PASSZÍV elnevezésű új rétegrendet vezet be, mely a jól bevált könnyűszerkezetes rétegrend mellett emelt hőszigetelésű, A++ energiabesorolású, passzív színvonalat megközelítő házak építését teszi lehetővé.

U=0,13 W/m2K

Részletes műszaki leírás

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Prémium Passzív készház falszerkezet

We provide high level of technical content to PRÉMIUM PASSIVE wall structure which has prominently good thermal insulation, having the following main attributes:

min. 5cm thin outer footing insulation
10cm step-proof insulation in floor
3 layers of thermo glasses (Ug=0.7 W/m2K)
Underfloor heating by condensing boiler
Sun collector solar system supplementing hot water system
AERECO type ventilation system


Premium passive order of layers


Design advice
Our architect prepares a draft outline for you following a going-over and based on your demands and ideas until we get the best scheme plan and elevation shaping.

Licensing project plan
For acquiring a building permit we have to prepare a necessary project plan and do thoroughgoing work. Our arcitect's exacting and prudent work, and prompt surveying site and technical conditions warrant that official licensing will be no more superfluous pastime. Please sit back and we deal with.


Our prefabricated houses need carefully and precisely prepared and well insulated foundation. Generally, they are continuous foundation, or basement can be placed under our buildings. Whichever we talk about, site and ground conditions define applicable structure. We undertake implementation. Please ask for our offer which contains not just our fees but a prompt technical content for you. We cover base with 50mm footing insulation.

Outer walls (PREMIUM PASSIVE wall structure)


The headway of a single-floor is rising 2.65m. In this case we have to take into account the heightening of the 2.4m high windows, the patio doors and the front door. Tree-ply wall structure ensure especially good insulating power, which is a condition of the PASSIVE HOUSE directive.
(U=0.13 W/m2K)

Composition from the outside inwards:

  • Aerial cast with 1.5mm fleck format according to professional color book
  • Base cast by placing necessary guard bead
  • 120mm facing heat insulating plate
  • 12.5mm OSB plate
  • 150mm load-bearing timberwork according to static calculation
  • Wall structure is filled in with 150mm glass-wool heat insulation
  • 1 layer damp-proof foil

75mm structure for furtherance of assembling (consisting of 12.5mm gypsum plasterboard, 50mm air-gap and 12.5mm gypsum plasterboard), without stopping. The wrole of this air-gap is to lead technical and electrical cleansing, avoiding any injury on wall and on damp-proof course. In addition, it is advantageous in vapur technics respect and that air-gap ensures additional heat insulation.
The skin reaches 360mm. Casting will be laid on whole surface on site. Készház Építő Kft. assures an option for you to build-up more special elevation solution on demand (e.g. inlay, used bricks or more special stone or ceramics casing).

Premium passive order of layers

Interior walls


  • 12.5mm of gypsum plasterboard without stopping.
  • 100-150mm of load-bearing timberwork according to static calculation
  • Wall structure is 100mm thin fibre glass-wool filled out with heat and sound insulation
  • 12.5mm gypsum plasterboard without stopping


Wall thickness is 136mm. Walls in which waterpipes and any wires of the heating and ventillation system goes, are necessarily implemented with 125 or 175mm truss.


Non-attic houses roof structure

Wooden truss roof structure
In accordance with roof form, erection of truss roof structure

  • 50/150 mm joist and sloping beam manufactured in precasting plant
  • between the beams fibre glass wool heat and sound insulation with 150+100mm overlap
  • 1 layer of damp-proof foil
  • 30mm thin lap plate polings
  • Between lap plates 30mm thin air-gap insulation
  • enclosed with 12.5mm gypsum plasterboard
  • max. spacing of sloping is 0.8m

Ledgement is in boxed or translucent beam construction covered by 14mm boarding which has surface treatment in accordance with Milesi colour catalogue.
Such a beam structure (U=0.16 W/m2K) dispose of capacity of heat transmission.

Double deck house roof structure

Timbered roof structure - roof structure of loft houses

In accordance with the form of the roof, the composition of timbered roof structure

  • 50/150mm high sloping beam
  • 200mm thin fiber glass wool for heat and sound insulation between sloping beams and strut beam
  • 1 layer damp-proof foil
  • 50mm thin scab polings
  • 50mm thin fiber glass wool heat insulation between bracer lath
  • between bracer lath 50mm thin fiber glass wool heat insulation
  • 12.5mm gypsum plasterboard covered by slab
  • spacing of sloping beam is max. 0,9m

Box-type or looking entablature is covered by 14mm thin wainscot which is treated according to Milesi colour catalogue. Timbered roofstructure is according to static calculation.

Ceiling between the two built floor

Composition of ceiling top-down:

  • 15mm OSB slab + 50-100mm step-proof polystyrene sound-proofing on the whole surface on demand
  • 200 or 250mm high structural slab according to static calculation
  • 100mm thin fiber glass wool heat and sound insulation between structural slabs
  • 25mm thin scab pooling
  • 12,5mm gypsum plasterboard covering

On demand, between two built floor looking entablature can be realizable.

Composition of looking entablature top-down:

  • 20mm thin, 140mm wide matched boards on the whole surface
  • 200 or 250mm structural slab, looking and wrought construction


Construction top-down:

  • Bramac Roman Protector (or similar price) tiles
  • 1 layer of vapour diffusion foil

Roof drain, tinning

Gutters and rainwater pipes, hollow caps are prepared with aluminium dip coating system. Rainwater pipes are evolved up to the upper level of subgrade.

Windows, doors, patio doors (3 layers of Thermo-glassing)

Windows and patio doors are made of high standard 86mm white plastic or coloured wooden profile with No. 3 rubber insulator. Hidden hardwares in single-hand hopper-opening design with 3 layers of glassing, Ug=0.7 W/m2K

Dormer windows

In case of built-up lofts we ensure a high quality of Velux dormer windows in the appropriate size, according to the scheme plans annexed to the agreement, with UG=1.1 W/m2K insulated glass.


Carefully processed beech, oak or pine wood log step leads you to the loft from groundfloor (in case of multistorey building) or to the floor. It consists of 4.2mm thick footsteps, surface treated. Stair railing consits of straight running handhold. Balustrade necessary in the loft and on the floor evaluated according to the floor plan annexed to the agreement. Additional extras are the metal burned and painted stair structure with banister ribs, lathe worked pillars or glass.

Sanitation of buildings

Készház Építő Kft. ensures several variational option on the field of sanitation of buildings to you. Premium design contains complete electrical works, plumbery works and sewer designs, preparation of insulated base concrete, heating works, furthermore, building up ventilation plant and air condition.

Electric works

Electric works are prepared according to the relevant international regulations from the collar upwards. We are evaluating the necessary dashbox, preparing the basic wiring, the fuse board and the terminal box inside, and assembling the final fitting in case of turn-key execution. More circuit are evaluated according to expediency in our buildings. Connectors, switches are placed at the end of execution, we evauate the place of light spots according to the description or project plan. We do not insist on some type of final fittings as switches, connectors are the parts of the inner colour scheme of the house. For selecting of this we ensure a colourful product range, which is priced separately.

Heating and air handling variations

Készház Építő Kft. would like to place great emphasis on applying renewable energy sources in heating, in creation of hot water and in ventillation. Exothermic devices and the necessary heating units, the evaluation of floor heating are prepared in the light of unabolished standards. We ensure heating by condensation boiler, heat rejection through floor heating, and useable hot water by solar system. This is the most economical engineering solution under the present circumstances in price-value ratio. It is an optional choice that individually controlled temperature can be set.


There is no need to let the paid energy out by superfluous winding. We build a central fan-cooling vapour sensoring ventilation system into the house (we undertake this solution only by these equipments).
we assemble 1 piece of solid-fired chimney as an alternative heating opportunity into our each houses.

Base on lower story

  • waterproofing against soil vapour by one layer of GV 3mm asphalted plate
  • thermal insulation and sound proofing of step - 10cm
  • Esztrich concrete 5cm

Joint coating thickness is about 150mm without the upper case

Base on floor and in-built loft

  • thermal insulation 5cm
  • sound proofing of step 3cm
  • 15mm OSB or 3cm gypsum base

Joing coating thickness is about 100-120mm + upper case.

Casing and sanitary
Cold (e.g. ceramic tiles) or warm (e.g. carpets, laminate, vinyl, wood) flooring are made of any materials supplied by the supplier. We ensure auxiliaries and installation, which is valid for sanitaries also.

Painting works
Walls, ceilings and diagonal pane of roof on groundfloor, on the floor, in the loft and on the inbuilt surfaces - so on each surface which is not tiled - receive light colour painting. The same apply to outer noble plaster which is aimed to have light pastel colours. Naturally, application of high colours, wallpapers can be solved, for an additional fee.

The above detailed living house made of passive order of layers can be operated with minimal energy expenditure. Though, still not reaches power-handling capability input of 0.15W/m2 of real qualified passive houses, but very close to it. The key of passive houses is in air density, planning and nodal details. Just few house could meet officially these requirements in Hungary. All of our inbuilt structure (floor, ceiling, outer wall, doors and windows) correspond to the order of layers and materials to be used in passive houses. From these components we can carry out an extremely low energy house (category of A++). We are still working on improvement of building system and joint connections. Now, there is no need to count on any design costs, therefore you can open your windows indisturbedly beside more feeling of comfort. Compared to our basically equiped prefabricated houses, premium passive houses cost approximately 25% more. This extra expense will be paid off very quickly with today's rising prices.

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