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Our Clients are essential for us but not just until entering into agreement.

We know that satisfied client is the best reference.

Our firm has a familiar feeling, therefore our clients do not disappear but we communicate with them continuously from planning to the last phase of the implementation. We have always fix subcontractors, by warranting permanent quality in the implementation.

The total implementation cost does not change following entering into any agreement.

Our Clients can see their imaginary home on a 3D spectacle plan. We held each process from credit administration to coating. Our clients have only one task: to move in. Our competitive prices and our firm's attitude means real competitive edge.



- consulting with you prior to constructuion

- analysing occurrent technical problems, making a proposal

- technical checkup



Construction starts when the site is choosen. It is worth being aware of any construction rules in respect of the site, which determine the place, type and size of the house to be built.

The location, the soil and field conditions, public utility supply, accessibility may significantly effect the costs of implementation. It is worth to contact experts or to act carefully on your own. We can help you in this phase!

It might be occassionally reasonable to make soil mechanics test to help planning, and geodesic survey of the site in case of changing lie of the land. Building authority usually omen completion of the previous works also.

It is essential for starting technical planning:

- a copy of the map of the Land Registry

- construction specification in relation to the site

- public utility



The whole implementation covers assembling works that need specially trained experts' work (work done, high-precision). Construction process is easy and quick. The average implementation time - turn-key status - is 3-4 months.


Loan administration

Do not run after your money!

Our financial expert - specialized in loans on house building - ensures the currently best loan construction to you, out of the offers of all the national banks.