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PostHeaderIcon Specification of prefabricated houses

When you decide building a house it is very important to weigh the attributes and commodities of your future house. We have summarized the attributes of prefabricated and lightweight houses.

Order of layers

The quality of materials in order of layers are very important as their combined physiological and mechanical attributes define the way you feel.

Glass wool

We use glass wool, the most wanted heat-insulating material for insulating walls. Its peculiarity is the full cross-section hydrophobicity, the melting-point of the primary commodity is over 1,000 degree.


It is important for not just its damp technical ability but they stiffening the main structure of the house. We place a 2 layer 1,25 cm thick drywall cover to exterior walls, inner walls get 1 layer.

Vapour barrier

In case of a well insulated lightweight house we have to ensure that vapour is diverted. The solution is to place a vapour barrier in front of the lagging. The foil must be above all massive, durable and persistent. Continuity must be ensured by stickers joint along belonging to the given foil.


Appropriate building (woden) materials are of vital importance for maintaining the condition of the building in the long-run. The properly treated, impregnated wood, which is impregnated with inhibitor on high pressure in its whole cross-section, is keeping our security for 150-180 years built in, not requiring intervention. Our timber for building are dried and planed spruce or pine.


Woden holding device of the walls are assembled with high precision in manufactory circumstances. Tailoring and assembling Wooden pillars dried in the factory happens accoring to the given order of layers. After this put-up woden frame structure is setting up and assembled on the site. Vertical load-bearing material of the wall construction is a 4,5x14,5cm vertical I. class pine frame which is placed per 62,5cm. The same cross-section horizontal brace are placed below and above the doors and windows.


We have an "ÉME" permission issued by ÉMI, also, we dispose of an extended permission of ÉMI which applies to the whole structure. We can carry out roofing with russing to variable groundspace houses, which means that we can prepare any layout of house withouth further calculations (up to 12m span).

Over and above we achieved the brand of MAKÉSZ in 2008 and from 2010 we dispose of the brand of Excellent Construction Product.

For your own interest be sure of being ÉME permission in all cases before any order.


M2 prices are influenced by the quality of built-in materials and the applied technology. The totel costs of our turn-key construction is HUF 145,000/m2 (gross), which applies to the gross groundplace. Gross place: is the place where the building rooms occupies with walls the total area.


Our company warrants a full guarantee of 30 years for wall and roof structure and 5 years of full guarantee for construction. There is a 5-7 years guarantee for built-in materials that manufacturers ensure.