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PostHeaderIcon Prefabricated house or brick house

We try to compare lightweight construction technology to brick houses as follows:

Lightweight house Brick house
Construction process is easy and quick.
Average workmanship time:
turn-key condition: 3-4 months
Construction process is time-consuming, due to drying period it is drawn-up for 5-6 months.
Environmentally friendly, reusable. Not too easy to reuse.
Building is not subject to any season. Construction is influenced by weather so it is seasonal.
Minimal rubbish and construction debris. More construction debris.
More work process can be done at the same time. More work process can be done at the same time.
No breakdown and gouging by mechanical work. More breakdown and gouging by mechanical work.
Few and quick field work. Workmanship is wholly assembling which need specially trained experts (work done with high precision). Panels are prefabricated in advance in workhouse. Most of the work done on the fields.
Easy to remodel with small costs, not effect the static design.  Remodelling, repearing are with hard work and expenses.

Customer's price risk can be repelled due to fixed contract amount and to short implementation time. Rise in prices of working materials can be repelled.  

It can be designed the same way as it is in the case of lightweight houses. 

Slimmer wall construction make more useful area. In case we would like good quality brick house, walls must be thicker than by lightweight construction. 
Instant-heating. Small thermal storage ability. Good thermal storage in transition time is useful. 
It has better lagging than traditional houses, energy safe operating. 30-50 % reduction on heating costs.  Heating costs may not be greater. Brick manufacturers also pay attention to lagging. We may have excellent lagging with proper outer lagging. 
We may have pleasant and cool climate in summar also with proper shielding and cross ventillation. Brick walls transmit stored heat heavier but we can reach fine climate with proper shielding or ventillation. 
Ready-cuthouses and custom-designed houses.  Ready-cuthouses and custom-designed houses. 
Its acquisition cost is generally smaller. Its acquisition cost will be bigger in case we would like the same energy class.
Lower shipping costs (5% of construction costs Higher shipping costs (10-12% of construction costs)