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PostHeaderIcon Modular quick house – Tailored to your opportunities

A year ago we have created a great-looking, spacious, light, easy to maintain A+ category house that can be built in a short time. The success of our A+ houses demonstrate a growth in demand last year which inclined us to develop the design with further consideration. So the prospective owners of these houses can choose out of even more options by now.

Thanks to these developments our customers can choose from various options during the design period so some of its elements can be combinated.

The basic construction involves a garage, a storage area and a wind shield, in addition a room, a bathroom and a roofed terrace which is convertible to a winter garden.

Therefore, the real merit of our development is that the enlargement can be solved in details, so it is not necessary to implement each plan at the same time.

And how?

Földszinti alaprajz
Földszinti alaprajz
Tetőtéri alaprajz
Tetőtéri alaprajz
Tetőteres kisház látványterv 0...
Tetőteres kisház látványterv 01
Tetőteres kisház látványterv 0...
Tetőteres kisház látványterv 02
Tetőteres kisház látványterv 0...
Tetőteres kisház látványterv 03

 You can see on the layouts that the garage, the room, the terrace and the hall is added from different sides to the given building. As further opportunity, the roofing the terrace or its conversion to winter garden can be choosen, a wind shield can be built in the front, in addition a bathroom can be worked up in the mansard.


Therefore, our idea allows our prospective owners not to live in a semi-finished house for years so that they do not have to get broke because of their loans as they can occupy a good, comfortable and easily maintainable house for the first moment.

Should you interested in our buildup you can find a detailed guide here.


Please remember:

-        it can be built in an extremely short period of time,

-        low running expenses

-        it is a clear-out, traditional design,

-        extensible,

-        perfect energetics.