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PostHeaderIcon Advantages of prefabricated houses

Did you know that due to the lagging facility of the prefabricated houses you have to pay 30-40% less than in the case of an average house?


In line with mentioning prefabricated houses we are think about lagging nature also. Beyond the 10-15cm rockwool lagging of the headwalls, separating walls are soundproof and insulated, therefore crosstalks can be minimized that is not a non-negligible factor in case of a multi-generational or a prefabricated condominium.
In case of a prefabricated house heating costs can be decreased as a minimum by air heating used in technology homeland for a long while, but in case of a conventional heating solution we can reach optimal and energysafe results than by an old traditional house (we mean not our new "noGERn" insulated brick houses built by us).
Warming up the prefabricated house takes less time than a conventional house (as transmitting heat is easier in summer). The small difference in temperature between walls and room air prevents the formation of unpleasant air currents and precipitation of moisture therefore discouraging mould in corners. By choosing an optimal eavesdrop shaping we can reach an air conditioned feeling of comfort in summer heat.

60% of all housing in the USA, 30-40% of all housing in Germany and Austria are built by lightweighthouse technology and now more and more people choose this quick, fixed price and environmentally friendly building technology in Hungary.

Advantages of the lightweight and prefabricated houses built by Készház Építő Kft.:


  • fast workmanship
  • guaranteed quality, qualified by ÉMI
  • fixed prices, entered into agreement
  • excellent termal insulation value
  • energy safe
  • excellent sound-proofing
  • environmentally friendly materials
  • stable and safe structure (earthquake and storm proof)
  • building is depending less on weather
  • walls can be painted and papered immediately (no drying time)
  • fewer allergic complaint than in case of an old house
  • bigger useful living space due to a leaner structure